Movement is life and quality of movement is what we teach; an approach that energises the whole body and the mind to make a real and lasting difference.  Aligning our bodies correctly, using joints fully and muscles gradually means a safer and easier life whatever your age or ability.

“Posture in action” is achieved because all FL Exercise classes are based on these principles:

  • Correct body alignment

  •  Joint mobilising, strengthening and lengthening

  •  Co-ordinated movement

  •  Movement without tension

  •  Natural breathing

  •  Progressive classwork

  •  Music and rhythm



Below is just a snippet of an inspiring story.  There are plenty of articles and books about our history should you wish to learn more about Mary Bagot Stack’s dream and Prunella’s legacy (Prunella Stack OBE died in 2010 aged 96).

FL Exercise was formerly The Fitness League and originally The Women’s League of Health and Beauty.  We still have teachers who were trained by Prunella, and members who have been with us for over 50 years, so you can always ask them!

Exercise to music that is accessible to everyone is something we take for granted now, but these were ground breaking innovations in 1930 when Mary Bagot Stack founded her organisation.  Mary was a visionary who, despite illness and personal tragedy, dreamed of and created a pioneering movement that effected social change.

Health and fitness were considered a “Matter of national importance” by the government in the 30s just as they are today but for different reasons.  Mary’s ideas and drive helped thousands of women many of whom, like Mary herself, had been widowed or bereaved as a result of the First World War.

By 1939, under the leadership of Mary’s daughter Prunella, the membership was 166,000 strong, uniting women of differing class and race.  Demonstrations of exercise to music took place across the country, with one event at Olympia involving 5000 members and teachers from Britain and across the world.  


"Beauty is something one feels rather than something one sees.”

Mary Bagot Stack

We have evolved over the decades; clothing is relaxed, classes are mixed and logos have changed but we work to the same principles with the same results.  The Bagot Stack system endures, we are proud to continue teaching it and our enthusiastic, vibrant and agile members are a living testament to Mary’s far reaching influence.







Titchfield Community Centre

Mill Lane

Titchfield, Fareham

PO14 4AB



Weeke Community Centre

Taplings Road

Weeke, Winchester

SO22 6HG


South Wonston Village Hall

Downs Road

South Wonston, Winchester

SO21  3EW






Wed  9.30am - Titchfield



Mon 9.30am - South Wonston

Thu 6.15pm - Weeke



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